When Union Or Advisor Fails To Support Case

When I worked as a case officer within the legal side of employment law, we used to get asked many times ‘which solicitor are you supplying . . .’ .  As our department actually held the employment dispute hearings, we had to remain impartial and did not supply or recommend legal advice.  The caller’s audible intake of breath gave me an opportunity to give very limited guidance.  Firstly asking ‘are you a member of a trade union’.   If yes: have you asked for backing in your dispute and why are your union/business advisor not bringing this case for you.  Here some incoherent mumbling from the caller generally indicated that they couldn’t have support on this occasion.  As gently but firmly as possible, I told them this was generally to be taken the union/advisor felt there was no good expectation of winning the case or it was ill conceived so perhaps they should quietly drop it without incurring any costs.