Taking The Blame Out Of Some Divorces

Things are beginning to change within our legal system in England and Wales at least.  One aspect that will be of interest to divorce lawyers is the proposed change to abolish the need to prove blame.  This has been a real sticking point for some parties who don’t seem able to go through a normal divorce procedure.  This change should really ease some of the onerous parts of trying to sort out the mess of a divorce more amicably – if that’s possible.  The Family Court is choc a bloc with cases going through and obviously the upset and stress caused to the offspring of divorcing parents is immense.  To make the process that little bit better and less acromonious can only be an improvement.  It is because of the draconian elements of divorce law that has put some younger couples off marrying, they want the children, and go ahead.  The only element of any break up here is that no expensive divorce has to be endured.