More Legal Redress For Scammed Account Holders

In this hi tech age, for every fantastic new idea that comes on stream, another set of worrying scams and criminal actions follow.  We are bombarded by news stories of older folk particuarly, being taken for a ride and losing thousands of pounds to scammers, fraudsters, evil folk – many overseas behind very sophisticated operations.  It can be  difficult to prove who was to blame for some of the money losses.  The banks duck out of any liability when folk get duped into transferring money from their bank account online because the caller sounded so convincing and telling them urgently they have a problem on the account etc.  Once the hapless person has pressed the send button, the bank says it’s the client’s fault.  End of.  Legally this is now being challenged as the bank can be classed as at fault for not checking who is opening the receiving accounts.   There are legal precedents being set.