Legal Jobs Will See Slow Tweaks In Their System

As we speak there are major prospects for change looming for our  judicial system.  Everyone who is thinking of entering the law to take up a career in any shape or form will be in for a period of shifting laws and the way we govern ourselves.  Of course this won’t happen overnight, if at all.  One of the thoughts promoted by  those wanting to come out of the EU was the desire to run our own legal system again and not be dictated to by ‘Strasbourg’ or ‘The Hague’.   However for the most part we run our judicial system in the same way we used to before the 1970s, but all the laws are in accordance to what we signed up to.  We have now got far more women involved in the process of delivering law enforcement and justice.  At one time there were no lady barristers or judges.  The phrase twelve good men & true about having our jury of twelve men was the standard.  All of the jobs currently out there will still be the same, only the laws themselves may be tweaked as the years go by.  So long as enough money is provided, the legal establishment in this country will still be admired the world over.   There is one major consequence of having watered down much of the punishment side though – our prisons are bulging at the seams because we have seen such a massive rise in violent crime in every part of the UK.  We can’t stop this, so we’re building ever more prisons to house them!