Lack Of Customer Service Sends Wrong Message

Knowing a little bit of company law and bet trading policies will always be useful to the poor person sitting on the customer service desk within a company.  I had a run in with one person recently – he had obviously never had any training in how to deal with customer service and he was babbling a lot of tosh at me when I complained about some shoddy service coming my way.  I had booked a holiday way back last year, a special once in a life time trip later this year, with several family members.  So a very good booking for the company.  When it came to balance payment time, all that was quite straight forward but when I came to include the drinks packages also booked at the same time, these were now ‘out of stock’ and not available.  They had been the week before I was due to pay up.  When I rang, I was told those package were no longer available and the new price was £80 more than original.  When I questioned further, it was apparent the staff had been put in the hot seat and told not to accept anyone’s grips.  The chap dealing with my complaint was the rudest person I’ve ever dealt with.   I shall be deducting that amount off the graduities bill, so they won’t get it from me.