Keeping Professionals Well To Continue Orderly Existence

As we were just getting to the start of the next critical phase of our brexit withdrawal discussions with european counterparts, the world in its entirity became embroiled by this incredible cov-19 virus which has wiped out so many lives across asia and europe.  The speed of the illness spread has been unbelievable and we know not how it’s going to pan out in our little country.  It is still in the lowish numbers of actual deaths in our country – only low hundreds, which of course is very good but when you think that we are a nation of about 60 million people, that number does seem very small.  They are all from groups of people with serious underlying health issues too.  These factor are not easy for the families concerned by do allay some fears amongst those of us who are not generally unwell in any shape.  I for instance to keep myself in very good state and have made stenuous efforts over the years to ensure I don’t cause the NHS any additional burden!  We need all the healthy young folk we can muster for every walk of life and keeping the law and order side of it is as essential as keeping the healthy side.