Judges Not Always In A Safe Job

Anyone who has thought they might like to take up a career ‘in the law’ is usually very general about their hopes, and destination.   As far as most schools are concerned, apart from the top elite fee paying set who run the country and legal system, those from humber stock should take note of the many different areas of ‘the law’ they could specialise in.   Getting a good agency and training behind you is the first requirement but knowing what subjects will be needed and getting the foot in the door is very difficult.  However a bit of research and knowledge about the whole area will help immensely when applying for courses and contracts.   It’s possible that a young solicitor wants to work towards taking the bar and maybe eventually becoming a Judge.  They still hold the most respect of all parties, however this was not always the case.  In 1642 King Charles I was forced into appointing judges “during good behaviour” and their salaries were raised from under £200 per annum to a whopping £1000 a year or so later.  However, in 1668 his son Charles II managed to reduce the appointments to “during pleasure”.  He and his successor James II fired 23 judges in over a period of 14 years and left them knowing their jobs were seriously at risk if the king did not agree with their judgments.    Not an easy life in those days then.