Heritage Properties Kick Starting Skills Career

We have a small traders’ magazine delivered to us quarterly.  It’s a very helpful publication highlighting every imaginable career practiced in the local area – be that accountant; baking; building; draughtsman; egg farmer, legal eagle barrister etc. etc.  I was absolutely amazed how many there are this  year.   Folk could be moving away from all being employed by others, to starting their own venture.  I was impressed by the number of apprentice opportunities shown too.  The more interesting possibilities are not always the most obvious either.  In one article, about one of the many historic heritage properties in this area, there was mention of a new young chap and his girlfriend who were being trained up as stone mason and blacksmith under a local scheme.  Both were thrilled to bits with their career choices, having both been visitors to heritage houses with their parents over the years.  The chance to keep the old skills alive appealed to both 17 year olds.