Getting The Know How To Pursue Legal Career

Sometimes it can be difficult to get into the right stream of legal occupation.  Going through school you have fairly limited exposure to anything remotely court based or legally binding with affidavids etc.  So how do you find out if you want to be a lawyer, barrister, legal executive, legal secretary?  Talking to a schools careers advisor should be able to give an idea of the many different disciplines within the law – there’s employment, property and conveyancing, patent and copyright;  motoring, travel and medical injury cases.  Then of course the biggie – criminal law.  This is portrayed in so many tv dramas.  The combative nature of interviews at police stations showing the ‘baddie’ with their appointed solicitor.  What we very rarely see now is the outcome of that side, the crux of it in the court room with the legal teams battling it out.   However, most local solicitors can give helpful pointers to a would be legal eagle – you just have to go in and ask.