Court Ushers And Clerks Need People Skills

One of the more interesting tasks whilst working for the tribunal service was acting as day clerk for the hearings.  We would be allocated our hearings on the morning and the front sheet of the pouch would have basic info such as the names and titles of parties to the case, how many on the respondent side.  With a good hour before the start of any hearings, we clerks would file into the waiting rooms to greet the attendees and take down their names and other information.  We’d also have to make ourselves known to any barristers representing the parties.  Much of that job was interaction with the public – being confident in an ability to communicate at all levels is very important.  It’s quite easy for a bolshy ex employer, or employee to think they’re more important than they really are!  It’s no good being fazed by a cocky know it all.  But on the other hand, perfect manners, endless patience but a firm time keeping hand to stop any nonsense are prerequisite!