Conveyancing Solicitor Still A Popular Career

I was visiting a young couple recently – they were absolutly spitting feathers as their remortgage application had been stalled because of the funding side’s legal team had made an error when completing paperwork and questions were being raised about which property they sought funding for.  Well the couple only have one mortgage on one property and that is an old school.  The adjoining property is officially named ‘the old school house’ . . .  the solicitos clerk had put a bit of both names on the deed form and thus caused an almighty log jam.  It just goes to show that you can’t simply rely on one party never making a mistake.  Conveyancin solicitor is one of the very popular disciplines in legal careers these days.  Very little court work involved and the searches are applied for on specific forms that tend to have multiple choice selections to choose the exact point of reference.  What legal advice is needed will be easily handled within the conveyancing remit.  The solicitor will proably only get closely involved in the sale/purchase after all the main searches have been progressed.  Once the replies have been received and nothing unusual pops out for closer examination, then the contracts are made ready for signature by both sides and they are then ‘exchanged’, in readiness for the completion of the property sale.