After The Withdrawal Our Legal System May Change

We have all become so bogged down with the brexit business – or rather the bizarre goings on in parliament, that none of us have any idea how we are going to be handling everyday matters after our withdrawal.  Time is getting perilessly close to the d-day and nothing is in place for our traders, health service, customs etc. and certainly our legal system will inevitably need a change eventually.  Of course, there is a bedding in period to allow us to make the necessary changes in our laws so that we don’t have to keep looking to the European Courts for justice in our country.  Or at least this seems to have been one of the promises made by the band of very vocal but possible misinformed parliamentarians whio paraded around the country in their battle bus.  I feel confident we will sort it out very quickly – we respond quickly around the world when some crisis occurs.  We will get it sorted.